Professional Estimating Made Easy

Censeo™ gives you capability to create estimates of any type (ie, installation, upsells, maintenance, snow, etc, in a single product. It supports a variety of pricing methods, including those considered best practices in the industry. With its built in report writer, you can create proposals directly from the estimate in a variety of formats, including unit priced. A few other highlights: industry calculators, including a travel calculator, direct connection to your production system for sold work, and built in sales management tools give you a tool that is not matched by any other product.

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Professional Level Interface


Censeo™ gives you more than other estimating software. For starters, you can manage a complete list of projects. You won’t need a spreadsheet to keep track of your sales pipeline, because tracking tools and reports are built right in.

Built In To Do List

Censeo To Do List

Censeo helps keep you organized, and comes with a built in todo list that you can use to keep track of what you need to work on next.

Email Proposals

Censeo Email Proposal

Censeo can make pdf files from your proposals, and email them directly to your clients, all by just checking a check box.

By The Way, They’re Gorgeous

Censeo Email Proposal

Censeo comes with several proposal formats, and they are beautiful. You can send the same estimate as a summary, or with full unit pricing, or somewhere in between. And with the fully customizable built in report editor, you can add your own logo, reorganize, tweak, and make them look just how you like.

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